Thursday, 11 November 2010


Design against inaction. The garment aims to break the spell of disassociation and eliminate bystander effect. This jacket empowers those who walk past a conflict in process or recently been, to stop and actively help. Or at least by the very act of stopping, the behaviour is subdued.

Designed as a response to a specific event 7 years ago, padded cells of white feathers are placed to correspond with areas of contact associated with defensive body stances during an attack. The fabric in these areas is strategically weakened, the pockets then stuffed until a point of fragility is achieved that balances practicality of use with performance in an attack.

The explosions of white feathers brand anyone who walks on past a coward, as this symbol is a relic of the conscientious objectors of WWII. The feathers then fall to the ground and create a perimeter around the event which expands with motion, wind and time, swelling to affect more and more bystanders. Anyone who within this perimeter whips up trails of feathers in their wake, clinging to their shoes and clothes as a reminder of their reaction to the event.

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