Friday, 10 December 2010

Building Envelope: Centre For Calm

It has been observed that two separate social groups are affected by the detrimental effects of moving house; highlighting the need for a space in which people from the area can meet, share their knowledge, resulting in, strengthened social relationships. The space is designed to create a calm environment, a space in which the user feels comfortable, where the undulating floor guides, Bangla signs direct and maps of the area puncture the building's skin.

Saturday, 13 November 2010


Theft is a common crime experienced by many both directly and indirectly. The crime which I witnessed was theft of a credit card and money subsequent to a withdrawal from a cash machine at my local Tesco Supermarket.

My ornament against crime proposes to re-emphasise space and create a means by which a smaller person is able to look bigger and more intimidating to a criminal. This is done through making vulnerable areas of the body larger using both hard and soft means as well as by lighting the immediate area around them at night putting off potential perpetrators.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Ornament Against Crime: Shadow Obscurer

Walking through a crowded city street at night is much more disorientating than one might first think, we are surrounded by movement, noise and obstacles.

Streetlights are scattered around us, shop windows and headlights cascade a blur of shadows that we are unable decipher.

My ornament incorporates these elements, by attaching it at various points around the body our outline transforms, projecting an image that cannot be translated as a human figure. The ability to blend into the bustling nighttime streets of London offers many possibilities to the criminal mind.


Design against inaction. The garment aims to break the spell of disassociation and eliminate bystander effect. This jacket empowers those who walk past a conflict in process or recently been, to stop and actively help. Or at least by the very act of stopping, the behaviour is subdued.

Designed as a response to a specific event 7 years ago, padded cells of white feathers are placed to correspond with areas of contact associated with defensive body stances during an attack. The fabric in these areas is strategically weakened, the pockets then stuffed until a point of fragility is achieved that balances practicality of use with performance in an attack.

The explosions of white feathers brand anyone who walks on past a coward, as this symbol is a relic of the conscientious objectors of WWII. The feathers then fall to the ground and create a perimeter around the event which expands with motion, wind and time, swelling to affect more and more bystanders. Anyone who within this perimeter whips up trails of feathers in their wake, clinging to their shoes and clothes as a reminder of their reaction to the event.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Ornament against crime: Creating Connections

As you walk down a crowded confined space you become intimidated by everyones gaze. Your personal space feels invaded by each person that you come in to contact with. Its not that you don’t want to make connections but you are to insecure to feel comfortable. You keep looking at the floor shut yourself away from the world and carry on with your life.

This ornament against crime is a protection against your self. It is designed to make connection with other people without your own mind and your insecurities blocking you. The light connected to the shoulder casts an artificial shadow of yourself as you walk. These shadows then connect with other shadows creating interactions with the unknown. As all the people with insecurities stare at the floor they start to notice all these inter linking shadows forming more comfortable bonds with other people.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Ornament Against Crime: Storytelling Jacket

When crime is recalled details are often exaggerated and the narrative embellished with speculation, lies and fantasies. Fact and fiction become entwined to create a rich storyline. People are excited by stories associated with crime, evident in our continued fascination with the tale of ‘Jack the Ripper’.

This ornament is designed to embrace both factual aspects of the crime experienced and a personalised version of events. The outside reflects the evidence found and physical reaction to the event while the lining consists of imaginings and memories sewn between lines of the fabric. The jacket evolves into an ornament for storytelling incorporating objects and memories.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Ornament Against Crime : Editable Personal Space

Function: the armour prevents the violation of personal space in crowded environments.

Principal idea: creating a reclusive environment that allows the occupant to regain control over their social interactions

Reacting to the natural movements of the occupant the armour offers a separation from uncontrolled physical interactions.

The circular distribution of the perimeter loops allows the force of the impact to be distributed evenly around the subject. As the coiled wire is compressed it exerts opposite reaction force on the intrusion of personal space. The force exerted on the armour is distributed around the occupant through the elastic deformation of the perimeter loops. The tension in the wire allows the ornament to deform elastically in a crowded environment and always return to its original form.

Ornament against Crime: Memory Aid

Here the crime of letting memories fade and forgetting friendships is counteracted through a constantly evolving memory aid with memory triggers and links.

Each knot relates to a memory group; various memories related to one another. The knot’s size relates to the amount of memories within that particular memory group. These knots are placed in order to shape the sheet into a hood. However these knots can be adjusted and moved in order to organically reform the shape.

Each stitched image relates to a simple memory, one which triggers a whole memory group. From this comes faint markings, images transferred to fabric through the use of acetone. These markings trigger memories that are more personal, recalled through the process of creating the trigger.

This item is designed to help with the transition of moving house through the ability to bring your memories everywhere, without the risk of them fading. It is designed to be a constantly growing and changing item, never to be finished or pristine.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Ornament Against Crime : distorting lenses

There are times when someone is in the wrong place at the wrong time when a crime happens; so that person unfortunately becomes a witness of the crime. Most of the times that person reacts by reporting to the local authorities. There are times when even that becomes dangerous for their safety as the people involved in the crime can find out who has informed the local authorities. A solution for this is to do not become a witness in the first place, but then again we cannot control when a crime is going to happen. It is for this reason that my device (distorting glasses) is all about distorting the reality so initially one does not become a witness, does not react, and therefore does not put his life at risk.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010


This is the crime against the squatter, the crime of the wasted, unused buildings and spaces in our urban environment. Squatters occupy these spaces, regenerating the unused space into a home. They build their homes from what we discard, yet they are still pushed out by police and landlords. This costume contains all the important elements of occupying a space in order to protect the squatter, such as territory boundaries, security, door number, basic amenities, comfort, personal decoration and possession over time. By wearing this costume the squatter is constantly in occupation of their chosen space, laying claim to it and preventing their imminent removal.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010


Bike theft is something which everyone who rides a bike will be a aware of, whether it has happened to you or not. The way you lock your bike and what kind of lock you use is the most obvious way to minimise the chances of becoming a victim of this crime.

Imagine coming back to where you locked it to find your main mode transport gone. For me it is one of those moments when you feel sick with rage.

I identified the branding on a bike to be the element which gives the bike as a whole the most value. My ornament is a series of covers worn by, and stored on the bike which hide the branding. The frame covered by sheets of plastic painted the same colour as the frame and slid into place. The saddle covered by the skin of an old saddle, stored inside it when not in use, and the badge made to be removable. You are then left with a bike which looks much more bland than it actually is.

Overlapping Narratives

An exploration of how people from different walks of life with no ostensible connection can be brought together through an act of crime. This relationship is random, a wrong time wrong place kind of thing, and is therefore almost impossible to predict or prevent. Instead the ornament seeks to explain the impersonal nature of crime as well as the plethora of reasons behind each action; its not fate exactly but everyone is where they are for a reason (shopping, social, toilet)...


The potential criminal tries to break into the older vehicle through the gap in the door seal (door seals being poorly designed in older vehicles). The criminal encounters an additional type of seal on the inside of the door which is different to usual. Criminal perseveres and surprisingly the plastic strapping is allowed to pass through the seal and over the door lock mechanism - but when the criminal tries to pull on the strapping which is necessary to open the lock the strapping simply won't move - it has become trapped in the fibres of the seal and rendered useless. A one way seal – allows in but not out; preventing the crime taking place and also capturing evidence of the crime.
The seal has layers of material; rubber, foam and natural matting, meaning the seal is breathable but will not let water in.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010


Ingrained in teenage culture is the desire to obtain what society says they cannot have. Partly for this very reason many under age teens try and get into nightclubs with fake ID. An innocent crime at first thought but one which ends up involving many.

With my version of Fake ID the need for someone Else's real ID is negated, along with the crime of fraud and aiding under age drinking. Using the 'Fake ID Manual' the under age teen need only apply a layer of latex, coloured to suit the skin with possible other additions such as cut hair for a beard, in certain areas to achieve the appearance of someone older (But not too old). Once the bouncer is fooled the teen can easily peel the latex off and carry on with their night with no hastle.

Over Protection

The crime is over protection, here I take this crime and give it a new twist that can be applied to everyday life. It has a number of functions, and protects in a number of ways. But ironically when worn it can act as a camouflage in the outside world instead of alerting you to its presence. which goes to show how bombarded we are with warning signs on the average british high street. This links to my original crime of the over protection of children by showing that by over protecting to such an extent that we have become desensitised to warnings.


The main factor that leads to violence in football courts is the own structure of the sport. Sports based on dynamism whereas athletes come in direct physical contact then production of violence is unavoidable. The violence is then automatically transfered to the crowd where it starts behaving aggressively for no important reason. The solutions and the proposals for tackling the problem of violence at football matches are too many and several can be directly applicable. My proposal is a protective vest that can be worn by all types of people in order to protect them in case of unrest or 'kettling' (police tactic for the management of large crowds during demonstrations or protests. It involves the formation of large cordons of police officers who then move to contain a crowd within a limited area) in a football match.


When a drink is spiked, is the crime of this act the fact that the victim unknowingly ingests an illegal substance, or the fact that the victim's memory is effectively stolen from them?

I acted to find a solution to the latter, but ended up creating a device that attempts to acknowledge both crimes. My device is very simple, it features three key objects; a four track recorder, a microphone, and copious amounts of microphone wire. Together these enable the victim's memory to be preserved for the morning and also act as a preventative solution by letting the potential spiker know they are being recorded.

Instant Response Jacket

Here is a leaflet outlining a project whereby a new Emergency Service is created. In times of terrorism and extreme trauma it is up to these people to organise a crowd and stop chaos from spreading.

Ornament Against Crime 1:1 Final Model

Part 2
So going on from the heavy nail clad arm i decided to develop the design so that i can have a contrasting aesthetic as while maintaing a similar function. In this instance i have used small thumb tacks which means that the spikes remain at a 90 degree angle at all times whereas on the other hand the nails began to flop down .
The thing gained from producing two variants of essentially the same thing was that i was able to realize and stat a discussion about the difference between crime prevention and crime deterrents.
In this case the first example was a deterrent because its bark was bigger than its bite in this case it seems to be the opposite.

Ornament Against Crime 1:1

So Just A Hairy Arm?
Ok so the point of my ornament isn't so that you get bullied more but more so so that you can prevent it.
Developed from the bases of having experienced someone trying to mug me, my device is all about people keeping their distance! Allowing you to have the satisfaction of you own space.
This was my initial reaction to the brief however not my final out come.

Monday, 25 October 2010


Even in contemporary cities, open burning takes place. The burning of vegetative, organic and man-made wastes churn out cubic meters of smoke which pollute our air and disrupt our ease of breathing, potentially causing us to choke, suffocate or wheeze in the toxic combination of noxious gases and smog.

This hand-held ornament slips over the nose and mouth area to provide a filter for the smoke and pollutants. The front of the mask contains rosemary, allowing the user to crush it with his fingertips to release its scent which masks the smell of smoke; providing the user the chance to breathe a little easier as he/she walks away from the source of the pollution.



Crimes happen when one is normally alone. Backstreets and quiet walks have known be a dangerous place to walk alone, leaving one vulnerable to robbery. The body armor tackle the problem, providing lonely walker with an imaginary companion, protecting and preventing crime robbery from happening. It is an illusion of less is more.


Many crimes start out as small impact events. However a percentage of these also have knock on effects leading to consequences unforeseen by the perpetrater. I was victim to such an occasion.

This Garment protects the body against the crime of littering gone awry.
The raised pad reduces impact while the waxed material provides protection against liquids. The tray and non waterproofed material then catch and collect the residue leaving under-garment completely unharmed.

Saturday, 23 October 2010


The Act Of 'Illegal Cycling'

Cyclists in the city constantly pass through no-cycle zones. Jumping red lights, using pavements and crossing pedestrianised streets to speed up their journey. In a bid to find the shortest route they come into close proximity with others, whether it be pedestrians, vehicles or the static city - barriers, buildings, signposts.

In a world with ever increasing activity these whiskers for a cyclist gently indicate to the rider when an impact is about to take place, avoiding the otherwise inevitable collision. The ends of the fibres will also pick up traces of other objects for post-crash forensic analysis, useful in situations where the cyclist ignores the warning given to them.



     George Orwell was right, 1984 happened in 2010. We are now living into big brother society. CCTV is watching you, but also your family, and even passersby in the street. If the aim was actually to prevent from crime, which will become an attempt of privacy. As a case study I choose two children playing with firecrackers in a car park when an under cover cop came.

How can we avoid being seen while doing something wrong, or not ?
     The supreme ornament against the crime of privacy is the human mirror ball. some pieces of mirror conveniently placed on the body can get rid of the human being you are to transform into an optical illusion. Just enough time to spin.

Thursday, 21 October 2010



There are plenty of illegal street vendors selling pirate DVDs and replica objects across London.

This ornament allows the vendors to communicate to one another via signalling, however over time the wicker will begin to abrade on the contents of the street vendor's items.


51 Bikes a day are stolen in London and most of these are done so for there parts alone. Bike components can be removed within seconds and sold on without leaving a trace.

The suit (pictured) offers a solution to this with the user able to remove their parts (saddles, handlebars, gears etc.) and attach them to their clothing along with the tools needed to do so.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010


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