Friday, 5 November 2010

Ornament against Crime: Memory Aid

Here the crime of letting memories fade and forgetting friendships is counteracted through a constantly evolving memory aid with memory triggers and links.

Each knot relates to a memory group; various memories related to one another. The knot’s size relates to the amount of memories within that particular memory group. These knots are placed in order to shape the sheet into a hood. However these knots can be adjusted and moved in order to organically reform the shape.

Each stitched image relates to a simple memory, one which triggers a whole memory group. From this comes faint markings, images transferred to fabric through the use of acetone. These markings trigger memories that are more personal, recalled through the process of creating the trigger.

This item is designed to help with the transition of moving house through the ability to bring your memories everywhere, without the risk of them fading. It is designed to be a constantly growing and changing item, never to be finished or pristine.

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